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Hair Trends 2021

Colours, Cuts & More!

Each year brings with it new trends in haircuts & hair colour. To keep you upto date with the trends here’s a sneak peek at what the experts forecast for the year 2021.


Super Shaggy

Image Source: Elegant Haircuts

Super Shaggy hair is rocking the trending chart of new hairstyles. In this haircut, Your outgrown hair can look forward to some movement and bounce with

cropped layers to give a nice chic texture to your hair.


Cream blonde hair colour

Image Source: Fashions Field

The hair colour is gonna be the next big thing in 2021. You can get this pretty cream blonde hair colour done and get that natural beauty look in no time. This hair colour will give you fairy vibes due to its overall creamy appearance and we know you'd look amazingly stylish.


Curly Bangs

Image Source: Unknown

The trend and style of bangs never actually went out of fashion, but let's say that out loud, "bangs are not only for straight hair". Infact curly hair bangs are a trend on point for 2021 and we cannot help ourselves from going ga-ga over that look. It’s a fabulous way to soften your face and give your hair some volume and movement.


60s Bangs

Image Courtesy: Oprah Magazine

As we said, bangs are not going to leave the trending list of hairstyles anytime soon. The 60s bangs are back in action for many divas out there. Now is the time to get the eye-catching long fringe style. Keep it wispy, let it frame your face or however your wish to style it. The look is yours to own.


Black hair with Blue Hues

Image Source: The Right Hairstyle

Can you picture your hair with blue hues? No right? Try this 2021 hair colour trend and see how amazing a flash of blue color looks. This perfect blend of black and blue hair is worth a try. A little vixen and a little diva, the look promises a hint of fun and structured style.


• Layers

Image Source: Elegant Haircuts

Layer haircut lovers, where are you at? The layers hairstyle is back in action and we can't keep calm. It’s time to give our hair some subtle texture with layers and different colour shades. If you want to look fashionable as well as professional, then this look is made for you.


Statement hair accessories

Image Source: WhoWhatWear

Can we say that out loud, "hair accessories are the new cool"? Yes, you can try different statement hair accessories on your hair to give a bold and confident style to your overall look.


So, which of these trends did you like the most? Is it the bangs or layers? Or is it the blonde or blue hair color? Well, go for any of these looks and live out a whole new vibe in 2021.

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  • Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase of any specific queries please reach out to us on email.

  • Disclaimer: The images in the article are sourced. We do not take credit for the images. Incase the images belong to you or your brand pls let us know. We would be happy to credit and tag you!

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