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Makeup Removal Towels

PKMH Recommends

With the recent focus on sustainability and clean beauty, we recommend you to get make-up removing towels. They are a hot trend right now too and work towards cleansing your face of all the product build up effectively.

The cotton pads we are continuously using to apply toner or cleansing milk with, or the makeup wipes we use to remove makeup leads to a lot of waste. They work as a single use item and cost a lot of money which also contributes in polluting the environment as they are made up of synthetic fibres.


Here is the list of makeup remover towels that we absolutely love and would definitely recommend you to buy-

1) SIMPLY NAM Makeup Remover Towel

It is an eco-friendly reusable make-up removing towel. Use it with warm water to remove your make-up. It removes all types of make-up, even when they are water-resistant and long-wear. It is the best alternative to make-up wipes and cotton pads. Price: INR1800

2) Arkwright Makeup Remover Fingertip Towels

It is a premium quality make-up remover towel that gently cleanses your skin, removing all the make-up, oil and dirt at ease. Using a normal towel can be harsh for your skin, and thus, these gentle and soft towels suit best for all skin types. You can even gift these towels to your close ones because of its care with classiness! Price: INR2473

3) Make-up Eraser

The towel works likes magic when removing makeup, dirt and oil in just a few seconds. It leaves your skin clear. The towel is soft and gentle which is also machine washable. It works well for every skin type including the sensitive skin.

Price: INR1199

4) Vinaura Clean Makeup Remover Towel

This is a reusable towel not only wipes away all the makeup on your face, it also removes facial dirt and excess oil. Just add a little amount of water and pat! You'll notice the unimaginable results in one glide. The product has got 5 stars mostly by some of its users.

Price: INR899

5) Face Halo make-up remover pads (ORIGINAL WHITE)

The remover pad or towel is made with high-end Halotech fibres. Use it with water and remove your make-up quickly and gently. The face pad is very effective and has got a positive response overall.

Price: INR6050

6) Makeup Remover Face Towels with Headband

The microfibres towels come with a headband too. It allows you to remove your make-up properly, leaving no stain behind. The headband protects your hair at the time of your skin care.

Price: INR1838

7) Milagro Beauty Make-up Remover Pad Pro

The tiny little micro fibres works as a suction to pull out all the make-up, dirt and excess oil from your face. This super soft product has got 5 stars mostly from its users.

Price: INR750

8) The Vintage Cosmetic Company Make-up Melts

Remove all traces of make-up with this dual-sided towel.Since it’s dual sided it can be used for both exfoliation and make-up removal. Get fresh and clean skin only using a splash of water

Price: INR1300

9) The Original Make-up Eraser Queen

Soak the towel in warm water and rub it on your face gently in a circular motion. It cleanses your skin properly, including your tough mascara eyelashes without damaging them. The people have shown a nice interest in this towel with 5 stars ratings mostly.

Price: INR1199

10) Tooarts 3Pcs Makeup Pads Microfiber Reusable Face Towel

It helps in removing make-up effortlessly along with the facial dirt and oil. It is suitable for every skin type, very soft on the skin, helpful in removing heavy make-up as well.

Price: INR1809


Makeup removal towels or erasers have been around for a while, but the interest in their effectiveness and sustainability has piqued recently. They are a valuable addition to ones home makeup kit as the reusable quality makes it affordable and environmentally and travel friendly.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific product for a particular purpose please reach out to us on email.

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