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Men’s Hairstyling Products

PKMH Recommends

Have you ever been to a store and been utterly confused with the amount of styling options available for your hair? With the different types of products - hair wax, gels, pomade, mousse, salt spray etc - accessible for men’s grooming it’s not the easiest choice to make without professional help.

So here we are, with some grooming product types that will help narrow down your selection and help you make an informed choice. Choose from a plethora of hairstyling products that comes with the credibility of #pkmhrecommends.

It’s time to obtain that flawless hairstyle swiftly and effortlessly.



The product is recommended for its wax-like texture that provides increased definition and added texture. It also provides medium hold with low shine and gives a fuller appearance to your hair. The product has got a good amount of reviews from its users.

Price: ₹1199

Get effortless hairstyles with added texture and volume. The product is easy to washout and is based on natural ingredients. Men love this brand, be it any product.

Price- ₹399



The pomade has a creamy texture that provides an effortlessly matte look. It gives medium stiffness without a crunchy look. People have rated this pomade really well.

Price: ₹2725

The product gives a matte finish for an unstructured look. The more you invest your time in styling, the better the results will be. It has mostly got 5 star ratings. Price: ₹600



Give strong volume to your hair that also helps your hair against dehydration. Buyers have rated it well for its stylish finish.

Price: ₹675

This hairstyling mousse comes with lightweight powder in order to texturise your hair. It gives long-lasting hold and texture to your hair. The product has mostly got 5 star ratings.

Price- ₹612



The spray is specially made to achieve the gritty and messy hair look. It is a mattifying and texturizer sea spray that gives a long lasting finish. People have reviewed this product with positive remarks.

Price- ₹860

The product works as a heat protectant as well. It adds a nice texture and volume to your hair. Get a natural beachy look using this spray. The product has gotten a nice response from old consumers.

Price- ₹749



The product has strong holding properties that provides non-hardening texture. It makes your hair look voluminous and leaves no marks of greasiness. The product has got above average remarks from its past users.

Price- ₹471

The gel gives a slick texture to your hair all day long. It is ideal for all hair types and specially formulated for daily grooming for men that gives a mess-proof and natural shine to your hair. Most male buyers love almost every gel by Set Wet.

Price- ₹111


The above list is not exhaustive but it makes you understand the different feel of each hair product type. Choose from a range of salt sprays, pomades, gels, wax & mousse for your hair and get your suave on!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email

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