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Pedicures For Men

Why Should You Get One?

This humid season is the season of sandals. Your feet are done being tortured into thick woolly socks and hefty boots. Now it’s time for them to breathe in the open. But did it ever cross your mind, that your feet need care just as much as any other part of your body. Maybe no, because it’s a common myth, “Why do men need pedicures and skin care? It’s a girl’s thing.” Well simply because men need to be hygienic & refreshed just as much as women.

It’s nothing to shy away from. Rather if you’re one of the few men who actually get this done, then you should be proud of yourselves. A little ‘me time’ is essential for every person irrespective of their genders. It’s high time we break these gender stereotypes and take a step towards freedom with healthy & clean feet.


Benefits of a Pedicure:

1. Improves the Health Of Your Feet

Who wants bacterias and viruses to reside in their body? I’m sure, nobody. The only way to get rid of any bacteria that gets stuck in your toenails is by getting pedicures along with dead skin cells to be removed in the process. The exfoliation process solves the maximum issues that can probably happen with your foot.

2. Improves your blood circulation


In this time of crisis, when stepping out of homes is nearly a dream and sitting at desk all day is what we are limited to, it’s evident for our blood circulation to get low. So the best thing one can do, without having to compromise on your work hours, is simply getting a pedicure even a #diy one, which will instantly improve the health of your entire body by improving the blood circulation. Not only will it rejuvenate your body but also reduce pain throughout the body.

3. Prevents Fungal Infections

Image Credit: Yellow Toenails Cured

If you think pedicures are only for beauty purposes, you are utterly wrong. Healthy, moisturised feet without dead skin actually reduces any chances of contracting fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot. As it is evident that these infections mostly thrive on dead skin that develops under your toenails, getting pedicure every month will ensure your foot health.

4. Helps in relieving stress

In this time of a pandemic, when stress is all we have, it’s not bad idea to save an hour for busting your stress. After all, what can be better than having a professional working on your feet, while your relax laying back. Not only does it distract your mind with endless issues of all day, but also gives you a moment to calm down and savour your little ‘me time’.

5. Makes you look presentable

Image Source: Le Salon

While we are talking of breaking stereotypes with pedicures, let’s be clear of one thing. Men need to look presentable and hygienic for ‘themselves’. While people usually recommend you to groom yourselves to be noticed by others, that shouldn’t be your actual motive.

Men deserve to groom themselves and feel confident just out of self love. While you’re ready to shave, shower, gym to look presentable, there’s no harm in paying a little attention to your feet too. After all, who doesn’t want to look good all day!


So gone are the days when men used to feel uncomfortable with grooming and skin care as the millennials of this era know the significance of wellness more than anyone now. Breaking off the social stigmas, you know your feet deserve some luxurious tender loving care just as anyone else.

It’s time to get groomed, head to toe - literally!

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