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Summer to Winter Makeup Switch

PKMH Makeup 101

It's time to put your coral pink lipsticks away and hang up your espadrilles because the season of sweaters, tights, and clunky boots has arrived (Yesss!). We enjoyed those long beach days lying on the sand, but we are eager to cozy up with a cup of hot cider and read O's current book pick.


With a little planning, you can make the transition as easy as a ski vacation; here are our recommended cosmetic substitutions for transitioning your makeup bag from summer to winter.

1. Luxurious Skin

As fancy as it sounds, it makes your skin look expensive. Go for a good skin prepping routine and make your skin look effortless and not overdone. You can add peeling pads to your skincare routine as they serve the purpose of chemical exfoliators and also help you to make your makeup last longer throughout the day. Good prep for skin has always been a key to flawless makeup no matter what the weather is.

2. Foundation

Summers were all about powder foundations, water foundations, and tinted foundations. That extra need for hydration in the hundred percent humidity days always makes your skin dewy. But with the coming transition in seasons, even your Foundation needs to be adjusted accordingly. Swap your daily Foundation with cream and Richa formulas. The premier formulas will provide your skin moisturizer nation in the dry winters making it look healthy.

3. Lipstick

Couldn't get enough of the vibrant and bold maroons and corals in the summers now is your perfect time. Just like the change in season, you start seeing a change in the lipstick shade too. Instead of light nudes and light pinks, people will more deviate towards the deep reds, terra cotta browns, and flattering plum wine shades.

4. Nail Paints

Go for nice brown, nudes and maroons this winter because all these colours look amazing in winters and do not forget to moisturize your hands and nails to make them look all healthy and pretty throughout the winters.

5. Blush

It's time to say goodbye to our dark tan shade bronzers and say hello to our beautiful vibrant blushes, tints, and lip and cheek paints. Go for vibrant colours like berry, pink shades as they give your cheeks a healthy radiance and glow and give you that all flushed look.

6. Makeup Palette

Some other all about natural makeup palettes and shades and we all know we already have a fresh natural glow on our faces and we just need some finishing touches on the other side when it comes to winters our skin becomes pretty dull therefore we would suggest you go for dark plums, rich berries and charcoal grey looks this winter for a different, flattering and sultry winter look.

7. Eyeshadow

Summers are all about beautiful natural eyeshadows which would look amazing on a day out and would give you that all-natural and pretty look. But when it comes to winters go for warm deep plum Browns along with some shimmery shades to add that winterish touch to your entire look.

8. Eye Pencils & Eyeliners

The winter season is the season of the party and bold attires so why not go for makeup that only matches your Vibe. Go for illuminating eyeshadows and eyeliners for that bold look. If you're someone who likes simple and subtle looks go for glitter-infused eye pencils or liners. You can also use liquid glitters in various shades like rose gold and electric blues which will surely give your eyes that glittery diamond looks this winter season.

9. Contrasting Hues

Now is the time to experiment with surprising colour combinations, such as bright pink and ultraviolet, electric orange and soothing green. Create colour gradients with your makeup or your eyes and lips. Use a vivid blue eyeshadow and navy liner, for example, to balance off a deep orange lipstick. Remember when you were in elementary school and you had to use the colour wheel? If the contrast is too extreme, try using color variations on a monochromatic scale.

10. Good Skin Care

Harsh winter winds can cause skin damage during the winter months since it is cold and abrasive. Taking off your makeup is an important part of getting a terrific look during these months. To remove your makeup before going to bed, use a gentle, non-soap-based cleanser, followed by a pore-friendly moisturiser containing rich shea butter. By following these procedures, you will be able to avoid the redness, blotchy appearance, and dry skin that many individuals experience during the colder months of the year.


We know how challenging it is to keep your skin and makeup flawless in the winters but these tips can glide you through the chilly season looking your glowing best.

It’s time to crack open that makeup bag and make the makeup switch…after all the #winterhascome


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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