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Back To Work Makeup Essentials

Well Groomed Confidence!

A well groomed person not only exudes the right message at their work place but also reflects an innate confidence and charisma.

How you look and present yourself gives an impression about you to others. Basic makeup is a keen way to groom oneself.

And note we say makeup not doll up! The look should be minimal, good looking and presentable.

Here are some basic work makeup essentials we recommend:


Kohl & EyeLiner

Image Courtesy Brostrick

Our eyes speak volumes. The more well defined they are the more well put together one looks. Add some kohl or eye liner to bring out your eyes. Try sticking to neutral shades of black and brown. The idea is to look elegant & groomed without going overboard with pop colours.


BB Cream

Image Courtesy Pinterest

Avoid using foundation on a regular basis opt for BB cream instead. They keep your skin moisturised - act as a primer, SPF and concealer. They are lighter and are meant for more coverage compared to the foundations. Perfect for looking illuminated through a work day.



Image Courtesy Charlotte Tilbury

A pop of subtle colour on the lips is perfect isn’t it? You just need to figure out the right shade. Do not use bright red lipsticks as your go-to -office look. Instead work in earthy tones that make your lips look just fine while making you look more professional. The shade of lipstick decides your entire look. Make sure you select the right one for right place. We suggest a creamy matte finish lipstick to keep your lips moisturised. Go in for long wear lip colours. These will give you a lesser need for constant touching up and are mostly transfer proof.


Body Mist

Image Courtesy Victoria Secret

One must own a pair of body mist and keep it on themselves at all times. Perfume may sometimes be a bit too much for work and deodorant may quickly fade away. You need to keep a mist with you so that even when you are all worked up and busy under file-loads, you feel and smell fresh.



Image Courtesy HUDA Beauty

No look is complete without the mascara. They enhance your eyelashes and make you look refreshed. Adding on a layer of mascara changes the entire look. You need not on put many layers but just a single coat. You can use a hint of lash defining mascara. This completes the eye look and keeps you looking wide eyed even on a tiring work day.


Compact or Pressed Powder

Image Courtesy Beauty Hooked

For quick touch ups and to eliminate any grease build up over your existing makeup. A mattyfing powder is certainly an essential in your makeup carry-case. This can brighten and freshen your look in a few seconds and the entire face needn’t be touched up for the entire work day.


Today most of us are still working from home. Which kinda takes us back to our Zoom Meeting Makeup looks doesn’t it? But if you are one of those who are crawling back to a workplace then the comfort of your #wfh scenario should dissipate into a more well put together makeup look.

That’s where these essentials come in...Now back to work!


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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